About Us

Koffiehouz was founded on 2nd of March 2016. The origin of Koffiehouz is an inspiring story to share. Before it became the café we visit today, it was “Esimio Kitchen & Deco, an interior design showroom founded by Mr Ivan Lim, one of the founders of this cafe. Mr Ivan is an interior designer, he loves coffee as much as his antiques in the café, given the opportunity that the showroom is located in a happening spot named Juru Auto City”. He decided to take the initiative and turned this showroom into a relaxing coffee house. The name “Koffiehouz” is translated from French.

It is well-known that Koffiehouz is a café which described as a “Hidden Café” due to the location and the characteristics of its exterior. Koffiehouz is covered by trees and vines which was the first café to promote green scenery around Bukit Mertajam. However, many consumers who’ve been here usually come back again because of the food and coffee we offered.

The interior of Koffiehouz is amusing as well. The cafe is decorated with a huge amount of antiques, well-designed wall color and furniture, and an antique piano. Koffiehouz is entirely designed by Mr Ivan, a well-designed cafe means more instagrammable spot for the consumers. 

Besides the exterior and the interior, good coffee, cakes, and foods are served too. The coffee is roasted by one of the founders, Mr Wong Chin Hooi (the owner of 2F+ Coffee Roastery). The coffee provides bold taste and medium body, which the aroma most likely will succeed in seducing your tongue. Besides espresso, Koffiehouz serves various kinds of signature filter coffee monthly. Signature filter coffee provides a different and unique coffee experience for any coffee-lovers or consumers.

The café serves a mixture of Western and Eastern cuisines. Among the cookings, the most demanding dish will be the Aglio Olio. Homemade cakes are served too.

Koffiehouz operates daily from 10am to 8pm, our café is located at Juru Autocity, and we will love to see you dropping by. 

We Pour Happiness.